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home improvement, handyman, repairs, renovations, kitchen, bathroom, custom, carpentry
home improvement, handyman, repairs, renovations, kitchen, bathroom, custom, carpentry

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Being Many Things

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Okay, so I've decided to try out this blog thing. I have no idea who, if anyone, will ever read this, but here goes. By profession, I am an educator, administrator, and coach. At home, I'm a husband and a dad of (soon to be) two.Last July, I decided I wasn't busy enough, so I became a licensed home improvement contractor and started this handyman business. The reasons were twofold.

First, with the news of our second child coming just as we were planning our daughter's first birthday party, we decided that it would be best for my wife to pull back off work, but with two teacher salaries, we were going to have to make up for some lost income as well. So I racked my brain and thought, what better way to earn some extra money than to put my skills to good use? This brings me to the second reason I started this venture. I've always loved building things, solving problems and working with my hands. Growing up, I would work on a variety of jobs around the house and develop some carpentry, plumbing, and painting skills over time. About 6 years ago my wife and I bought a 1922 bungalow that needed a lot of work. With some help from my father-in-law and YouTube, I effectively remodeled the whole interior of the house and with it, sharpened my skills in flooring, tile, electric, plumbing, carpentry, drywall, painting, and just about everything you can do to a house that doesn't involve getting on the roof or messing with the gas lines.

Those skills coupled with my detail-oriented (read:anal-retentive) approach to just about everything, have helped me average about 6 jobs a month since this started about seven months ago and I have to say that I am honestly loving every minute. Of course, being away from my family is tough, but seeing my clients happy with their homes is immensely gratifying.

Sure, I suppose I am all over the place a bit, but that's what makes life interesting - the opportunity to be and do so many different things. I think using your brain and body in different ways keeps you fresh and solving problems for home owners keeps me sharp to solve problems at work and at home. The more I speak to parents and kids, it seems to me that there's entirely too much emphasis now on specialization. I think it's even better to get good at a variety of skills, to use one's brain in different ways, and to be able to see the connections between two things that might at first seem entirely different from one another.

So if there's an overall theme to this blog (and there has to be, I am an English teacher, after all), I guess it would be about the value in "being many things" and I hope, that by documenting the many things I do as a handyman, family man, and teacher, those unfortunate enough to read this might see the value in learning a few new things and developing some new skills along the way.

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